Turn 44

The 1st Eightballs campaign
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Turn 44

Post by pants » Tue Nov 07, 2006 7:32 am

The pulse rifle bucked and vibrated in Elieens hands as she depressed the trigger. The Alien shrieked and withdrew, mortally wounded, into the darkness below.
Relief flooded through Nick as Lt Vincent's pulse rifle ended the threat from the creature trying to claw through the floor beneath his feet.

"Thanks for the save LT!" he said through his comm as he held Pvt Pyro off the floor.

Nick listened to the conversation between L Cpl Eagle and Lt Vincent as they discussed the best option for the situation they found themselves in.
James glanced at the tracker and saw that the alien lifeforms were coming closer. "LT, we have five seconds before this hallway whether in front or underneath of us is crawling with those black ugly sucker!"
"LT without Green, and his smartgun, Eagle's exposed out front. Keep Con here and send Honeysett up to support Eagle. Whatever we're doing let's do it fast. Head to the computer room or the engine room? On your word we go."
"Ron, get back here, now. Sarge, LT. I think we have got a runner headed your direction. It seems Ron has flown the coop."

"Steel, stop that idiot," Eileen snapped at the Sergeant.
Gently placing Pyro on the floor, Nick stood straight and brought his pulse rifle, from where it was slung on his back, to the ready position. Something had snapped in Green and it was Nicks job to make sure that he was alive so that they could fix the problem. Dead marine's didn't get better.

(OOC: Did Green head past us or is he heading past L Cpl Eagle?)
Turning round and running back to the hole where the alien had grappled for Steele, Jacob leant on one knee and stuck his incinerator down the hole "Fire should spread some distance underneath this floor, compressed space and all that...." Looking to his superiors for permission, Jacob waited..."This fire'll be a deterrent to them using this again I hope, might toast any that are down there already too!, do I have permission to fire?"

All that thought buzzed through Jacob's head in a split second, looking back up at his superiors he yelled "WELL? SHOULD I BURN? JUST NOD YOUR FUCKING HEAD"

Looking at Nick, Jacob instantly felt sorry and said, audibly "Sorry Sir" on Nick's comline...
Before Nick could chase down Pfc Green, he heard Honeysett over his comm trying to get the order to let loose some flaming death down the hole in the floor.

"Belay the flame Honeysett. Push up and support Eagle. Nothing gets past you marine!"
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Turn 44

Post by Nick » Tue Nov 07, 2006 7:37 am

OOC: I understand it as Green ran back towards the equipment room. Correct me if I am wrong here Heavyglenn.
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Turn 44

Post by tashw » Tue Nov 07, 2006 8:51 am

OOC: Okay, question before I post - if Green is at the door to the equipment room how did he get past us? If not... where is he?

Also I see where the CPU room comment's coming from now. That's what I get for reading it through the last turn too quickly! Okay, let's add CPU room to the magical mystery tour!
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Turn 44

Post by HeavyGlenn » Tue Nov 07, 2006 12:25 pm

//I dunno where I am, I just wrote that Ronald is trying to reach the exit. You know, the way -out-. I dunno where that is though cause I dont understand the map or much else.
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