Test Run Character Sheet - Clint McKenna

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Test Run Character Sheet - Clint McKenna

Post by Medic Guy » Wed Oct 14, 2020 11:17 pm

Testing a few potential formats, provide feedback. This may be a bit easier than the PDF sheets we've been using.

Author Name: Medic Guy
Player Name: Clint McKenna
Species: Human
Employed by: USCM
Rank: Corporal
Position/Specialty: Sniper, Armorer
Where are you from: Mountains of North Carolina, United States, Earth

Physical Description:

Sex: Male
Age: 36
Race: Caucasian
Skin Complexion: Medium
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 230 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hairstyle: High and tight
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos/Scars/Etc.: None
Accent: Southeastern United States
Any adornments: Silver cross necklace, shooting glasses

Clint is generally fairly quiet and reserved, but lets loose a bit with friends. He has a distrust of authority figures from his upbringing, but tends to hide it well.

Character backstory:
Clint grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and used to spend time hunting and trapping game with his dad and brothers. His father was a sovereign citizen and their family maintained a small arsenal of weaponry, in addition to building their own fortifications against a burdensome government. Clint felt an urge to explore and signed up with the USCM. Clint has spent most of his enlisted time prior to combat as a weapons system repairman and armorer. He is proficient with most weapons and their repair and maintenance. He enjoys a good card game and a stiff drink every now and again. Clint has also been studying when he gets some spare time and has cataloged a lot of technical manuals in his tablet so he can continue to learn new weapons systems and review historical tactics.

Gun Combat (Expert), Scouting (Professional), Infantry Weapons Repair (Professional), Awareness (Certified), Special Weapons Operations (Certified), Special Weapons Repairs (Certified), Portable Welder Operation (Novice), Manufacturing (Novice), Balance (Novice), Hand to Hand (Novice)

Off duty he wears lighter colored BDUs and a t-shirt. He carries a slung shotgun and combat knife on him.
Light Armor: Clint has a subdued image of a ghost on the upper right chest plate of his armor.

M42A Sniper Rifle and 4 spare magazines / Swaps out for a M41A pulse rifle when the sniper rifle is not suitable
Shotgun with 7 full reloads
Combat knife
Stunner (sort of like a tazer)
4 fragmentation grenades
2 flash bangs
2 stinger grenades
2 smoke grenades

Night Vision gear
50 Handcuff Ties

Small Bag
Sniper Cloak / Camo Gear
Flexible Tablet
Climbing Gear
200 feet of rope
Collapsible composite grappling hook
6 Flares
First Aid Kit
Portable Welder

Entrenching Tool
Spare Canteen
Extra Rations
Mess Kit
Repair Kit
VP70 Pistol and 2 spare magazines
Strength 16 Intelligence 16 Will 13 Health 10 Agility 10
Charisma 8 Leadership 7 Perception 10 Motivation 10

Combat Actions 7
Knockout Value 65
Learning Roll 16
ImageCorporal Clint McKenna
USCM Special Forces Recon Team
Serial Number: L69/EA5.2.31782M9

Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image


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