Between Turn 2 And 3

The Fourth Devil Dawgs Campaign
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Re: Between Turn 2 And 3

Post by JuanPerez » Thu Oct 15, 2020 1:12 am

No more questions were asked. Lieutenant Harper ordered everybody to take three one-hour drills of handling, donning, and undonning the Mk765c biohazard suit and the Mk764d gas mask. She also issued out the preparation time table for the upcoming mission. The briefing was closed and everybody got busy.

The flight crew started to prepare the two UD-4M advanced Cheyenne dropships, while the synthetics did the same to the APCs.
The rest prepared their weapons, equipment, ammo, and grenades, checking them over and over again.
Each Marine's armor was equipped with a "sniffer", which transmitted the current environmental biohazard level through the PRC 489/4 transmitter.

All biohazard suit and gas mask drills were concluded successfully.

Game Time:
The fully equipped troopers of squad 1 and 2 boarded the first of the waiting APCs. Lieutenant Harper took the seat in front of the tightly packed monitor panel.
The second APC was boarded by squad 3 and 4 with Sergeant Major Sykes. Both APCs drove into the loading bay of their assigned dropship.
While in flight, the first pictures from the recon drones came in. The drop was smooth. Both APCs drove the troopers to their assigned dispersal points. Both Dropships flew to their assigned stand-by positions.
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