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Turn 8: The Void (Navy)

Posted: Sun May 24, 2020 7:20 pm
by Corporal Hicks
As the creatures charged, the humans opened fire with pulse rifles. There was no sound in their ears but they felt the recoil of the guns against their shoulders. They were untrained and inaccurate, especially in the zero-gravity suits they wore. The only one to land a hit was the Marine of the group, Cohen. The leading creature was thrown back, and they could see impact points punching through its black shell. A wide arc of pale, greenish blood splashed outward in all directions, spreading out at a slow, constant speed. The other two aliens were getting closer now, running forward undeterred.

Darryl Stark was taking a step forward as he fired his pulse rifle. His right foot stepped on a rubber cable and he lifted his left foot to take the next step. The magnetic boot was barely holding him to the hull when he opened fire. The recoil of the gun pushed him back significantly enough to detach his right foot, and he found himself spinning away, head over heels, doing backflips in the zero gravity.
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They could hear in their ears a sudden crackle and the voice of Commander Zimmerman in their ears. “Fernandez, what is the goddamn hold up?! Get moving to that access port! You are running out of time!”
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Re: Turn 8: The Void (Navy)

Posted: Mon May 25, 2020 4:51 pm
by Medic Guy
Darrell fired his weapon in short burst, and for some reason he was still walking forward to close the distance. He felt his right ankle roll a bit more than it should have but as he lifted his left to step forward the weapon discharged again. His right foot breaking contact with the metal surface, he suddenly began somersaulting backwards. His spin causing him to see the world in a like he's on a slow motion merry go round.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" he blurted out quickly before thinking. "Fernandez, guys I'm flying off the station. May need some help here." he called out to the others. He went back to his Navy training and hit his suit's distress signal thinking maybe the combination of this and his PDT would help someone find him as he continued to drift farther away from the station.

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He tried to swim his way back towards the station with no real effect as he continued at his slow spin. He considered whether he should attempt to fire his weapon again to slow or stop his spin.

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Re: Turn 8: The Void (Navy)

Posted: Mon May 25, 2020 6:04 pm
by Corporal Hicks
Stark attempted to fire a burst behind him to slow the spin. He was starting to feel nauseous and the suit was not very flexible. He was able to fire a burst somewhat backward and slow the spinning of his body. In his disorientation the bullets impacted with the space station's hull, nearly hitting Javier Fernandez where he stood evaluating their options.

Re: Turn 8: The Void (Navy)

Posted: Mon May 25, 2020 10:28 pm
by LT_Chun
Bryant missed, she wasn't surprised but she was about to be murdered in cold vacuum by monsters so terrified oh yes. She gasped as her fellow sailor went spinning up and away from them. Her mind raced. She wasn't being a big help in the shooting and she did have an explosive-propelled rescue line on her belt. She agonized in her fear for only another moment before letting go her grip on the pulse rifle and grabbing at the rescue cylinder on her belt with both gloved hands.

"Rescue line out!" She called into her comm.

She aimed at the receding shape of her shipmate and activated the stud on the bottom of the cylinder. She imagined she could almost hear the "pop" of the line as it lit out and streaked out towards the tumbling figure. She slammed the cylinder down onto the hull where it adhered itself with powerful magnets before spinning back to the aliens. She frantically tried to regain her grip on the pulse rifle but couldn't get it right in her gloves and cursed loudly.

Re: Turn 8: The Void (Navy)

Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 10:27 pm
by CarbebthePoncho
Fernandez responded as calmly as he could in the scenario to Commander Zimmerman, “Sir, we are being held up by several bogies, unknown in origin, and hostile.”

Panicking, Fernandez decided against firing on the creature, but knew if they lost even a single man during this fight, they could easily be overwhelmed. Instead he attempted to reach back as quickly as he could to grab Darryl as he was spinning from the shot.

Failing that, he knew he would have to jump after him.