Turn 1 Down to Gehenna

The fourth mission
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Re: Turn 1 Down to Gehenna

Post by Morse » Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:25 pm

(Working of GM given details)

Once they had a direction Morse knew exactly where to point his weapon. Southeast was not terribly specific, but with the weapons they had, they certainly did not need to pinpoint it. With the ordinance that was just dropped off they could likely incinerate every inch within a mile of the base and they’d find out very quickly what was there.

Morse’s preference would have been to do that before they even landed. To get a wide open space around them so they could see something coming. Of course rules of engagement also pointed out that it would make them very easy to spot which was never something that marines wanted. Still, Morse was not opposed to clearing out a bunch of jungle so they had an absolutely clear shot at anything that was coming.

The targeting on the M56 immediately went to work on identifying a target. Morse had its positives set to a very high standard, so that it was not just picking up everything that was in the jungle around them. This made it a very helpful system in the dense area that they were in. He quickly moved the weapon around through the barricade hole to see if he could get his target. He was actually a bit surprised that the auto turrets weren’t shredding the target as it was. But maybe he would get lucky and shoot it first.

Then he got a lock. He could not tell exactly what it was, but it was certainly a humanoid shape. It was moving at a quick pace. With how dense the jungle was it would be difficult to get a shot. Though powerful, the M56 probably would have a bit of an issue cutting through it all. Still if Morse fired enough bullets at it, they would no doubt drop.

”Can’t tell if it’s human.” Morse said, though he did not care so much. ”Requestin’ permission to turn the perpetrator to a puddle.” Morse asked over the com, specifically to Dirk and Quinn. Since they weren’t in immediate danger or in an extremely hazardous situation, Morse was wary about such formalities. If they got further out into the jungle however, that would most certainly change.

< Roll Awareness
< Tag Dirk & Quinn
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Re: Turn 1 Down to Gehenna

Post by Quicksilver » Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:53 pm

Mark got within good signal range of Duncan and the auto turrets before slowing to a stop, keeping low out of habit and fear of flying rocks. Activating the dataslate, he starting punching in a series of codes to set up the link Duncan was requesting. Although he’d originally intended to simply use the turrets on his own, the sniper’s plan made more sense – and he was carrying the hardware to make it work. As he worked he could see the flashing signal status the auto turrets were working with. They jerked around chasing ghost signals, never achieving a long enough valid movement ID to pass the assault threshold.

“Alright Duncan, the two closest are looped on you.” Mark said as he completed his work. “4 degree spray; just let me know when you want them to fire.”
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Re: Turn 1 Down to Gehenna

Post by Duncan » Fri Dec 06, 2013 8:00 pm

"The human is wearing a Weyland-Yutani logo," Duncan said. The squinted his eyes a bit, feeling a sensation of being lightheaded. He quickly checked his rebreather and put it on. With the two sentry turrets wired in to him, Duncan adjusted the settings on his scope to give a composite image of the three linked sensors. This would help him determine the shape and 'signature' of the pursuers.

"Giosso, tag the human as a non-hostile. No need to blast the corporate in a crossfire."

Duncan foused his attention on the unidentified shapes.

<Tag Giosso>

<Roll Awareness to figure out what the heck those things are.>


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