Mission Two; Turn 1

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Re: Mission Two; Turn 1

Post by maxvale76 » Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:07 pm

May 16th, 2180; Briefing Room, Space Station Bifrost Bridge, Alexandria Sector

(Back in Time mode for a second...during the briefing....)

Captain Tom Ryan continued the briefing with occasional additions by Weyland-Yutani Rep. O. Black. "Doctor Grissom is a noted expert in the fields of electronics, xeno-biology, computer programing and chemistry. In short; he's got the perfect background for all manner of deadly 'mad science'. We most CERTAINLY do not want him to have free reign with these Xenomorphs. According to what we have found on the 'good' Doctor and with the testimony of Doctor Voss; Grissom is a pretty sick and twisted individual; obssesed with tinkering with the highest levels of computer programming and machinery in the form of synthetics and with alien biology and how it can interact, in any number of ways, with human biology. He also apparently doesn't have the slightest qualms about utilized human beigns as test subjects. All in all, a thorough wack-job, who BioCyte is only tolerating due to his genius."

"I know what some of you are thinking; why the hell don't we just nuke the mine site and call it a day? Well, there are 3 main reasons; first; because the Colony town of Aldershot is nearby and I'm pretty sure they'd be more than a little peeved. Second: It's been widely believed that the Vaxian Mine was played out some years ago; but recent intel gained from the Company", here Ryan nods to Black, who gets up to speak to this point in a moment; "-would seem to indicate that this may not be the case at all; and nuking a potential major source of the rare mineral Oxrenthium would be a Major catosrophy as far as the ICC is concerned." Ryan, to his credit manages to keep a straight face; though most of the marines in the room, including Captain Ramirez, scowl fiercely at this statement. "And finally, the ICC wants hard evidence of exactly what BioCyte has managed to glean from these Xenomorph creatures." With that, Ryan steps aside and Mr. Black steps up.

"Some three and a half years ago, the Vaxian Mine was reported to have been 'tapped out'; and the mine shut down and the town of Aldershot turned to other mines in the nearby mountains. We have recently discovered that we believe this is not-true and that a cavern was discovered with something in it that BioCyte learned about and managed to manipulate the local Miner's Guild into giving up the rights for the Vaxian Mine. This took some time; but eventually, BioCyte managed to quietly acquire the rights to the mine, using dummy organazations and individuals some two years ago. Recently; as in some 4 months ago; it seems something was discovered or some kind of breakthrough was achieved; as Doctors Voss and Grissom and a couple of dozen personnel were quitely sent to Forge to this site. From there; Grissom and Voss were sent to Icarus, where our Agent reported the xenomorph eggs and you are all aware of the story from that point on."

Pausing a moment; Black then speaks up; carefully it seems to some of the more perceptive Marines; "We believe that perhaps the eggs were found on Forge and taken to the site at Icarus for testing in a different location; though we're not sure why they would do the testing in a war-torn Colony rather than in the abandoned mine location, which would seem ideal for that kind of work. In any case; we need to discover what's going on on Forge and get an understanding of exactly how much BioCyte has learned about the Xenomorphs and what they've been doing with that information."

Captain Ryan then retakes the floor; "The last bit of info is about the mercenary unit calling themselves 'The Reavers'. They are reported to be some tough hombres who can handle themselves in a fight and to have a number of former Colonial Marines among thier 30 or so personnel. They are known to be armed with a few M41 Pulse Rifles, an assortment of SMGs, Shotguns and Scoped Rifles and to have a number of Chinese Assault Rifles and Light Machineguns. They also occaisonally utilize Grenades and other small explosives; but haven't been known to employ anything more serious than that. However, with BioCyte backing them; anythign is possible, so stay frosty out there."

"Allright then Marines; Captain Ramirez here will get you all ready for the Opeartion; which will commence with your boarding the USS Chicago this evening and the drop on Forge is scheduled for 4 days from now. Good luck and get the job done." With that Ryan nods to them all and he and Black slip out of the room while Ramirez watches his marines explode into chatter and action following the briefing.

(Back to present time)

Ramirez lets his Marines vent before finally stepping up and letting out a bellow that would make any Drill Instructor smile in appreciation. "That's ENOUGH, GODDAMN IT!" As everyone suddenly quiets down; Ramirez continues in a slightly less loud tone; "Whatever your feelings about the Corps or the Mission may be; we ARE going on this mission; we ARE going to succeed in our task; and we ARE going to come back to base to slap ourselves on the back on how badass we all are at the end of it; IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" A number of "AYE-AYEs" and "YES, SIRs" erupt out of the room. "Allright then; now that that is understood; I'm going to get some shut-eye before we have to report to the Chicago at 1700. You're free to do as you like up until then; but I'd recomend you get some rest while you can; this next OP is likely to be pretty hairy." With that, Ramirez nods to Simovic and leaves the room...

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Re: Mission Two; Turn 1

Post by Darkblade Bug » Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:01 am

”News flash asshole, them things already landed on Earth. October 6th a last year. And it was us ‘shameful’ fucks what done took care a the problem. So fuck you!”
Morse had shouted after him on his way out, obviously and understandably annoyed by Dunn's actions. He'd heard rumours about an infestation, but when he'd asked his mate in intel about it, he'd been told that rumours were all they were. Apparently, a dropship pilot didn't need to know all of the gritty details. He sighed to himself and shook his head, getting out his PDA and checking out the mission breifing archive.

About three pages of text back, and there it was, plain as day. So...the rumours had been true, and this whiny bunch had quashed the infestation before it had even become big news. The young soldier couldn't help but be impressed with their combat capabilities, at least. They could handle themselves in a fight, if they could force themselves to stop whining. He closed down his PDA and put it in his pocket, shaking his head.
"Listen up boyo, and listen well. You're the Fuckin New Guy in this platoon, and you don't have a right to call us out until you've been screwed by intel and corporates as much as we have. You talk about "knowin what we were signing up to do", then shut your face and realize that you're talking and threatening superior non-commissioned officers. Quinn held the piece of paper out to Dunn. "Go ahead, call this man's parents, tell them that we have no right to bitch about cleaning up the corporates messes when he took one of their bullets. You go and tell them that."
He turned to face the guy, Quinn, and turned away for a moment. There was an electronic whine, then a wet sliding sound, like metal against flesh. When he turned back to face the man, the smartgunner's eyepiece was removed - revealing an empty, acid-burned socket and the heavy scarring that went down the right side of his face and out of view down his neck. His other eye, if one looked close enough, had a pixelated iris - it was obviously synthetic in nature, and from the way the flesh around that eye was slightly paler, it was clear that he'd had synth-flesh implanted around what had once been an equally horrific wound.

In the empty socket was a small metal plug, and on the eyepeice was a series of thin, sharp needles that seemed to correspond with the sockets. He stared at the other marine for a moment, only able to see him out of his left eye. Before, the heavy cabling and the camouflaged fabric he had wrapped around the smartgunner's headset had covered the worst of the scarring, but it was horribly plain that he would never be able to pick any self-respecting woman up in a bar ever again. Dugan came over, said his peice and left. Sam took it unflinchingly.

Then he reached out and closed Quinn's hand over the contact details. If anyone had the right to write home, it was the man who'd known and fought beside Patch. Sam knew he didn't have that right. His blank expression was replaced by a grim one, and though his good eye was completely free of expression, his face seemed to show a feeling of melancholy. Sam had written a lot of those letters after Acid Reign. He wasn't going to write anymore. He thought about it for a moment. About being tied up in the Atmos generator, helpless and unable to do anything but watch and scream as his platoon...his whole damn platoon...

He couldn't even bear to think about it. Nine months on, and it was still too much.

"Your boy Patch was lucky. He died a good death. An honourable death. He didn't watch as his mates were torn apart from the inside one by one, knowing his time would come soon. He didn't pray to die already, so that he didn't have to see anymore. Well...that's one thing I can be grateful for. When my eyes went, I didn't have to. Didn't stop the screams, though.

When you've been through THAT, then you can talk to me about being screwed over. Until then...just shut up. Shut up and look after your mates. Life without them won't be worth it."


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Re: Mission Two; Turn 1

Post by Darkblade Bug » Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:36 am

<Tag Quinn>

He had turned and was just about to walk away, already blinking away the tears that had sprung unannounced into his eye, when he heard another pair of footsteps behind him. Just wonderful. Another asshole who thinks he knows anything about anything, was the only thought in Dunn's mind. He didn't turn to face the man, keeping his back turned, but didn't walk away either. He didn't care who it was, he'd hear what the bloke had to say and leave.
"Look Dunn I don't know how they teach things in SASR but in the USCM being a team player is the be all and end all. You don't pull that sort of crap like you did back there if you want to get respect, afterall these Marines you are so dissapointed in will be the ones watching your back when the lead starts flying. If you have a problem with what someones saying you speak to them in a civilised manner and don't address them like their something you just found on the bottom of your shoe, do you understand? Because if you don't you might as well just keep packing your gear up in that bag and I'll arrange for you to get a transfer back to your beloved SASR!"
He considered the man's words, recognizing the speaker immediately. He had to hand it to Simovic, he did have some valid points, and Sam decided he'd take them on board. Still...the man was expecting him to trust and respect these soldiers. Sam had listened to the mission breif. It was an exact repeat of Operation Acid Reign - mines and all. Only difference was they didn't have to deal with acidic rain...and instead of three platoons, they had one section and a platoon of Mercenaries to contend with.

With their numbers, equipment and elite training, they'd taken 99% casualties. It had taken the better part of a million dollars to rebuild the only survivor afterwards. How many would die in /this/ mission? Sam ran some numbers, and concluded that it was a suicide mission. None of them would be walking out of there. Including him. For some reason...Sam didn't mind that. Maybe he could make his death mean something. Maybe...maybe after this one last trial, he'd be able to see his old friends again.

He eventually turned to Dugan, revealing once again his scarred visage. He spoke softly, quietly enough that anyone in earshot had to strain to listen.

"Staff Sergeant Dugan, you are expecting me to extend my trust, my respect and my friendship to dead men. I've been here before, and I know exactly what is going to happen. Did you read the statistics on Operation Acid Reign? We had a full company, 75 soldiers in total, and we were assaulting an objective very much like this one.

I'll tell you. At first, it'll be a ghost town. Signs of struggle, small arms fire and mining charges, but no bodies. From here, one of two things could happen. The first of which is you stumble over their nest. You'll find bodies. Lots of them. They'll be coccooned into the walls with their chests bombed out, dead eggs and infection forms everywhere. You might even find a few lives ones, if you get there in time. They won't last long. You'll watch as a larval form chews its way out of their ribcage. I promise you, the screams will never go away.

Then they'll come for you. Your infra-red will be useless, and your motion tracker will be too jammed with movement signals to save you. The enemy will be camouflaged, and they'll move by stealth until they are right on top of you. Then, they'll take you. If you hold your ground, you're fucked. If you run for it...some of you might make it out alive. If you stay away from the nest or get out of there, then you've got till nightfall. Then they'll come for you. They'll find air vents, maintenence accessways, they could drill through the damn rock if they were determined enough. They'll come, and they'll come in force. They'll hound you and hound you, taking you down one by one, until there's nowhere left for you to run.

Then, right as you think you're about to die, they'll knock you out.

You'll wake up in a few hours with a sore throat and a massive headache. You'll have a little trouble breathing, but not much. That is, until you realize you're back in the nest. Until you see your friends dead around you, with holes where their hearts should be. Others with infection forms still on their face. One might even be awake at the same time you are. You'll see one or two die. Your friends, your comrades, ripped apart from the inside as you can do nothing - NOTHING, but watch and know you'll be gone soon too.

I promise you, Dugan. I promise you at some point you'll hope to be next.

You know the worst thing? You and your friends will die for nothing. Sure, you'll kill a few, but your death means the birth of more of those bastards. That's the real insult. So, know what you're asking when you tell me to trust and respect these men. Know that you're asking me to watch friends die all over again. Maybe then, you'll understand why I can't - won't let myself care about any of you.

Ah well. You'll understand eventually - when it happens to you."

<Tag Dugan Simovic>

With that, he turned and walked out the door, heading for the armoury. He was going to see just how much ammo he could fit on his person. If those bugs had taken time to wipe out the colonists, the scientists AND the mercs...he'd need as much as he could carry.

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Re: Mission Two; Turn 1

Post by Bobater » Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:21 pm

Alan was not one to speak much at the briefings, because everyone else asked his questions. With the possibility of mercs the sniper rifle would come in handy but in the mine was a different question.he might haveto forgo his rifle for of pulse rifle.
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Re: Mission Two; Turn 1

Post by Obi » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:15 pm

The Captain was really pissed off, Obi thought as the Captains' voice bellowed throughout the briefing room at about the same decibel level of a dropship engine on full throttle. Obi kept his head down as the Captain vented and silenced the platoon.
"Allright then; now that that is understood; I'm going to get some shut-eye before we have to report to the Chicago at 1700. You're free to do as you like up until then; but I'd recomend you get some rest while you can; this next OP is likely to be pretty hairy."
Alright! Be onboard by 1700, thats plenty of time. Obi thought as he stood up and exited the briefing room with the rest of the platoon. Might as well go and get a decent meal, pack my kit and then do one final signal check at the commcen before getting onboard. Obi mused to himself as he turned down the passageway and headed for the lift.
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