M1T2 - All aboard

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M1T2 - All aboard

Post by Nick » Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:10 pm

2179 AD, 1st November
Location: Sol system, Earth, atlantic ocean, aboard the USS Arcana

The dropship landing had been rough. The weather had been all but pleasant out here and even the large super carrier USS Arcana heaved and rolled in the storm. But the pilots managed to set them down without any incident. The hulls of the dropships were filled to the brim with equipment rather than the M571 armored personell carriers which normally occupied most of the loading bay.

The USS Arcana was the last of the United Americas supercarriers. Most nations had disassembled their navies when the breakthroughs in space faring technologies came - Now you could easily travel to the other side of the globe in an hour or so. The need to move strategic assets around the globe fell on the space fleet rather than the navy in the 22nd century.

The Byronds Bandits moved away from the drophips, the wind wipping their faces and the tate of salt brushed their lips as they moved towards the large tower which also housed the entrance. Behind them in the gushes of the rain the two dropships were towed towards the large aircraft elevators by two "cockroaches" as the towing vehicles were called.

USS Arcana was almost 90 years old. Comissioned in 2089 he utilized the lastest technology of that day. Although she was a supercarrier by definition she was much smaller than the supercarriers of the 20th century. These days the USS Arcana was kept on skeleton crew and lived most of her life docked at port in the shadows of the space exploits of the other weapon branches. The almost global piece that had reigned since Africa was united under the Africa union had lessened the need for armed forces on Earth. Most of the United Americas military assets were deployed in space - If need should arise the United Americas could intervene from Space if need be.

The USS Arcana was wore down by 90 years of service and lack of maintenance - The skeleton crew of 200 was not nearly enough to keep her in shape. Although she was built in durable and corrosion resistant materials the wear and tear was obvious as the Marines entered through the main hatch. A man in blue uniform met Lt Moore as he entered through the hatch, follow me Lieutenant. "Sergeant! Please wait here and we will escort You down to the living quarters shortly so You can dump Your gear. The Lieutenant will prepare to brief You as soon as possible so You can get underway, we are short on time"


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Re: M1T2 - All aboard

Post by Jean » Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:50 pm

Jean stepped off the dropship and followed the commander in. She nearly dropped into an actual pot-hole on the deck of the carrier. It was obvious that not many things landed in a fixed wing position on this carrier in a long time. Everything was VTOL or else there would be accdients.

Splashes of water rained on her in tiny trickles as the waves assaulted the ninety year old hull. After all the decades, the ship fought back the elements but it was gradually giving in. She looked around before following the men below deck. This ship fought for a good long life; an incredable machine.

She could only hope for a life long enough to battle the things that time could do to a machine.

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Re: M1T2 - All aboard

Post by eyeball » Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:32 pm

Patch stepped off the drop ship onto the lightly rolling carrier, the weather was absolutly foul, high winds and amazingly high seas. patch could hardly believe that a ship this size could be moved but it was, he moved away from the drop ships hatch and out of the howling wind. he finished around in his personal medical pouch until he found the anti emetic patch...he slapped it on his upper arm, "better safe than sorry" he thought.

looking up he saw jean narrowly miss a small hole in the deck, "is that a hole a real hole? how the hell old is this thing? is it networked with an AI? no wait is it safe? Why patch asked jean these things he had no idea, he just figured she would know she seemed to know everything else.

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Re: M1T2 - All aboard

Post by Obi » Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:36 am

Standing in line with the rest of Two Section, his IMP slung over one shoulder Obi waited for the loading ramp on the dropship to lower. The roll and pitch of the carrier could be felt as she fought her way through the storm. The loading ramp was now fully extended and the marines were welcomed aboard with a strong, biting wind and sleet rain. Shuffling down the ramp, as there was not much space to move due to all the equipment pallets strapped down, Obi commented to the marines around him with a slight grin. " I am so glad that we didn't pay money for this cruise."

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Stepping off the dropship out on to the deck, Obi felt the feel force of the wind and rain hit him. Adjusting his helmet, Obi tilted his head into the wind and rain in an effort to keep it out of his eyes. Following the rest of the platoon as they moved over to the ships 'island,' hastening his pace as he felt rivulets of water soak through his BDU and T-shirt and run down his back. Obis' eyes widened as he saw the Android Jean Way side step a rather large rust divet in the deck. Well its probably a good thing that the UD-4's don't have wheels. Obi thought as he walked past the same spot.

Entering through the hatch, Obi removed his helmet, wiped his face and brushed his BDU smock down quickly to get the excess water of it. The marines crowded inside the hatch way to get out of the foul weather.
A man in blue uniform met Lt Moore as he entered through the hatch, follow me Lieutenant. "Sergeant! Please wait here and we will escort You down to the living quarters shortly so You can dump Your gear. The Lieutenant will prepare to brief You as soon as possible so You can get underway, we are short on time"
A naval officer addressed the platoon on a loud voice. Obi couldn't see his rank insignia, but he spoke with a commanding voice and didn't pull any punches with ordering LT Moore around. As the naval officer and the platoon commander moved off, Obi turned around to the rest of Two Section.

"Stay loose guys, once we get our shown to our mess deck and stow our kit, lets see if we can find a source of coffee and a feed?"

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Re: M1T2 - All aboard

Post by Apachetear » Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:40 pm

Cupping a freshly lit cigarette to shield it from the rain, Jacob looked around at the dump they were floating on, it was impressive that the thing was still together, but it wasn't as impressive to him that they'd been sent here.

Hearing the man asking them to wait, he did just that. Slouching on the deck he let the rain wash over him, watching it pool and run down the various battle scars on his chest armour...he signed contentedly - there was something relaxing about heavy rain.

lifting his head up he let his face get soaked and he smiled grimly...looking down again he surveyed the Bandits. This weather was a good start to the mission, as he allowed himself to get quietly drenched while he smoked his cigarette!

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Re: M1T2 - All aboard

Post by Dirk Pitt » Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:09 pm

Dirk lit a cigarett as he waited in the rain. They had just arrived on the carrier and he already didn't like it. Not the he didn't like the ocean. He just didn't like being on a ship that was old before he was born.

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Re: M1T2 - All aboard

Post by Morse » Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:01 pm

It was raining, hard. Morse hated the rain. Before he stepped off of the dropship he slapped on his camouflage floppy hat and stepped out. He wore his M5 Field Jacket as the only weather feature he hated as much as the rain was the cold. He felt bitter and displeased with his surroundings, so not much was different. He stepped off of the Dropship and out into the rain.

The metal island they floated on was odd. It rocked ever so slightly. Morse looked around at the surroundings. Nothing but water, moving up and down. He almost missed going on missions to the colonies, at least there they have the decency to have land. There wasn't much to be done about any of it though. He couldn't just demand the rain stop and dirt spring up from around them. So he kept his hands in his pockets and waited for further instructions.

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Re: M1T2 - All aboard

Post by maxvale76 » Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:35 pm

Sam hopped out of the Dropship onto the carrier's deck and immediately took a deep breath of sea-air; a smile came to her face almost subconsciously; and she ignored the rain as she just took in the sight of the ocean. Growing up on an archipelago of islands on a mostly ocean colony world had made the ocean mighty comforting to her.

A few moments later she wrinkled her nose in disgust at the smell of cigarette smoke and hastily moved away from the seemingly-constant smoking members of the platoon. Walking a bit around the floating city; she was suprised to see the numerous small 'holes' in the deck, which had a lattice work of rods running through them, like webs. She wondered what they were for, until she glanced over and saw one of the aircraft on deck had wires running from its landing gear to tie onto the rods; obviously to keep the aircraft from rolling all over the deck when the carrier rolled in the seas.

Seeing her platoon file over towards a position, she joined in the herd; making sure her gear was all secure and ready to go.


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