Mission 1 - Mission Orders Eyes Only

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Mission 1 - Mission Orders Eyes Only

Post by Nick » Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:14 am


Mission summary: Search and destroy
Site involved: TP-Greever, deep sea research station.
System/Planet Sol, Earth, Atlantic ocean

Mission definition:
A foreign space craft was found on the sea floor of the atlantic ocean July 2179 AD. A research team was sent there to document and explore the wreckage. The Weyland-Yutani research team established contact with the ship and set up a mobile habitat on the sea floor, some 5000 fathoms below the surface. Contact was kept with a surface ship, the Athena, through an umbilical cord at all times.

Intel suggests: Once the research team gained entry they encountered some kind of creature living inside the ship. The creature attacked and infected two members of the research crew which were brought back to the habitat. We have reason to believe these creatures are the same species of xenomorphs that Colonial Marine units encountered first on St John and later in New York. Weyland-Yutani refuses to give any detailed information about the species or habitat.

Weyland-Yutani denied for a strike team to accompany them as they try and salvage the habitat. This will be ignored as the USCM HQ believes that the site might be a threat the security of the United Americas. What has happened to the inhabitants are unknown at this moment. What is known is that all contact was lost 24 hours ago and that the umbilical cord was severed. They have reserve systems that will keep the site alive for at least another 48 hours.

Mission priorities:

Locate TP-Greever and assess situation
Determine condition of habitat
Take steps to reduce threat to Colonial Marine corp or the United Americas

Suggest extreme caution. In addition to possbile xenomorph presence the station is situated at extreme depth. Weyland-Yutani military forces will be present and may be hostile towards US Colonial Marines personnel. Zero-G suits recommended. Do not initiate hostilities with corporate forces.

Good luck.
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