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Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:03 pm
by Corporal Hicks
Hey guys/gals, I'm sorry that I've been so slow on the draw the last few weeks. I did have a legitimate family emergency (turned out fine in the end, thank God) but I can't blame it all on that. I've been struggling to enjoy this game. I don't know why or whether it will last. Maybe if I have a better plan then I can do a better job. I'm not sure why buy it's just starting to seem like a chore more than a passion.

No, I'm not quitting or anything. I am just telling you all what's causing the slow down. I will try to keep the weekly turns going for now. This has happened in the past and my passion usually returns eventually.

I hope you all are doing well. Let me know if there's anything wrong with the current campaign.

Re: Apologies

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2021 5:40 pm
by Medic Guy
Appreciate you running the game. I think a lot of us can say we've been there too. If you need help with something, let us know. You still working on another book?

Re: Apologies

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 1:20 am
by Corporal Hicks
Thank you. It might be a total false alarm but I wanted to express how I've been feeling.

I have not been writing for the last month or so, but I am going to write this evening. I have two Colonial Marines books underway and I've also written about 30 pages of Napoleonic War fiction.