Turn Five Planet Fall

The 5th campaign.
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Turn Five Planet Fall

Post by Huey » Mon Oct 15, 2007 6:05 am

Date: May 21, 2080
Time: 2200
Location: Don Quixote Penal Colony

As the cold grew harder in the Dropship Huey just nodded his head to the beat of Linkin Park. Hard to believe that music like what he was listening was still around, but it distracted from the cold. Being in the Marines was a lot different than the docks or the crewing on a boat back home, training, travel, shitty food, women, death, shitty food, Navy nurses, death, more training.

"2nd Squad lets go" He said to his squad when the APC door opened. He carried the M5 RPG and few rounds for it, the same weapon Fox used to tear the shit out of the bugs during their last op. The M5 was simple and it worked. The reason why he had it, because he was Squad Leader now, and Squad Leaders just did shit like that, he figured. He let Gallagher hold onto the Sniper Rifle to carry for the time being. When they got settled he'd reorder the loadout, he didn't exactly want to give that special treat to the new guy but thats just how things worked out.

Huey stood guard with his squad while the elevator came up. "This place ain't hell, thats for damn sure" He announced his breath clearly visible. "Too fucking cold....shit so fucking cold I'm think I'm gonna start dancing" He joked.

pl. Huey Williams
8th Platoon, Section A, 2nd Squad
Squad Leader