Turn 7 Into the Dark

The first delta dogs campaign. Terminated.
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Turn 7 Into the Dark

Post by Altair » Mon Apr 23, 2007 5:01 pm

Altair froze just as his friend opened fire; suddenly the boy was at a loss. He was not scared but was in a kind of stupor a stupor which many people have experienced when entering their first real firefight, faced with real danger, boot camp provided good training but they couldn’t quite teach the feeling you get when you enter your first firefight. Standing there staring into the small piggy eyes of the beast the boy almost felt the massive amounts of adrenaline suddenly releasing in to his blood, preparing him for the battle ahead.

Slightly shaking from the excitement the boy took a step forward to help his friend but the fight had finished as quickly as it has begun. Altair gasped just as the creature toppled on top of Tarik, not sure if his friend would survive from the collision with the beast. A few seconds later a few muffled curses from under the beast revealed that his friend had indeed survived the collision but was still trapped under the beast.
"Harmon, call for backup. Altair- keep an eye on that scanner."
The boy nodded just as he returned the motion tracker to his main hand. Making sure there were no abstraction, Altair did a few sweeps in both of the direction to make sure nothing would surprise them from behind.

"Altair! Get your ass over here- I don't think we have to move all of it to get him out! Just grab hold over there"
Reporting the readings to Morrison, Altair slung both - his pulse rifle and motion tracker on his back, just as he went over to the huge brute, to help Tarik and Morrison get rid of the beast. Indeed if they had a chainsaw they could take a few parts of the beast back to mother ship to run a few tests and find out more about these creatures that is if they were responsible for the attacks. Some organs would have been a good addition. Altair wondered for a moment just how large a heart this brute had, that is if he possessed one at all.
"On three- one, two, three!"
Taking a big breath the boy strained his every muscle just as he tried to lift the beast, his face becoming deep red from the exertion. Altair was not big, he was probably the weakest in platoon and at times like this he wished Green was in their party, it seemed when you really needed that suicidal maniac he was always somewhere else.

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