Lights in the Sky and Rumbles in the Night

The first delta dogs campaign. Terminated.
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Lights in the Sky and Rumbles in the Night

Post by HeavyGlenn » Fri Apr 13, 2007 6:03 am

*Since everyone succeded with their rolls and everthing the large melee beast Ronald was pushed over (easily), also thought Honeysett was the scariest person in the world due to his perfect intimidation and shoke Tariks hand and then kept back, hoping Morrison wouldnt pick him for anything.*
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Lights in the Sky and Rumbles in the Night

Post by Altair » Fri Apr 13, 2007 6:05 am

"Hey kid, don't worry bout should be worry about them.." He looked over to the hole.."There's a storm coming...and Hell's coming with it.." He cocked his M56 and took another drag off his smoke.
Altair just shook his head, either his friend was scared and hid that feeling behind this demure of his, or he was a fool to be so brave. The boy hoped that he was wrong on both of his speculations. Altair just smiled at his friend, at the same time retrieving a couple of pain killers to give to his squad leader.

“I want those back and unused...â€
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Lights in the Sky and Rumbles in the Night

Post by Apachetear » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:27 am

Jacob breathed a sigh of relief mixed with dissapointment. "So I'm organising topside then? Com in every 15 minutes if you can...just so we know you're alive yeah?"

He lit a cigarette and looked around him

"Jones had a good plan, back the APC's up so we've got a good fire-arc, get the sentry guns set up too!"

Stopping, he considered a moment

"Com us when you're about to come out of the cave so we can turn of the sentries, you don't wanna get shot up by friendly fire eh?"

He was thinking how this would best work...sentries were a must, but maybe just 2 in the APC gunner turrets scanning around...hmmm...he'd ask the guys left when the LT had left.
Pvt. Jacob "smiles" Honeysett

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