Turn 47

The 1st Eightballs campaign
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Turn 47

Post by pants » Wed Nov 22, 2006 11:20 pm

Steels visor was slowly changing color in front of him, starting to turn yellow. Why was that? Why was the visor changing color? With a shrill of fear that pierced his consciousness like a spear of ice he realized what it was - The visor was melting!
Nick felt his strength flagging as he wrestled with the creature. It's strength was incredible and with his visor melting he couldn't afford to keep trying to wrestle it off. With time running out Nick was starting to run out of ideas.

Then it struck him like a thunderbolt from the sky above. His pistol! With a speed born of desperation he searched for his pistol with his right hand while he held off the creature with his left. All the time his visor slowly kept changing colour...

Suddenly he felt the familiar grip of his pistol and as quickly as he could he tore it out of it's holster and brought it up to where he held off the struggling creature with his left hand. Can't afford to miss, ran through Nicks mind as he held the barrel of the pistol angled up towards the creature from slightly beside his face. Closing his eyes he pulled the trigger.
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Turn 47

Post by Apachetear » Thu Nov 23, 2006 12:22 am

Looking at the creature with a mounting disbelief, Jacob reacted to the orders in split second timing, it didn't need much - he unscrewed the fuel cannister from the incinerator, it was nearly empty - maybe 10 seconds of fuel left, and as he ran to the platform, he threw it at the flames left by his previous flame-frenzy - hoping that the pressurized can would explode, causing enough damage to hurt something...

as he ran, his eyes were blinded by sweat - he couldn't wipe them clean because of this damn helmet though...

gasping with breath he made a mental note to quit smoking, and just as quickly disregarded the idea - his life depended on him running, and he'd be damned if his shoddy lungs would slow him down.

Forcing each lungful of air - he ran as only a man possessed by the fear of what he was experiencing could run. He thought he'd run hard as a teenager getting chased by the police for drugs and misdemeanors, that was nothing compared to this...

heart pounding in his ears Jacob screamed into his com "Green, use that fucking gun will you? for gods sake do SOMETHING!"

reaching the platform, Jacob span round and dropped to one knee, targeting the smaller aliens first - aiming at their elongated heads he let off three shot bursts at each of them, rotating his fire from nearest to furthest again and again. He may be in a panic...well, call it a panic but it was actually ten million times worse than panic, but he was damned if he was going to run out of ammo in this hellhole...

aiming and firing as smoothly as Ron's wasted targeting system he struggled to regain his breath, his vision was still blurry - but it wasn't restricting, just stung a little...

hearing Pyro's scream - Jacob smiled grimly "RIP Marine" he voiced into his comlink 'at least it wasn't me...' was all he thought to himself. He'd come thus far - through the gates of hell - and he was damn well going to come out the other side.

he looked briefly at his hands, the blood from his finger that had bled onto the gun had congealed and now his gun was a deep shade of red 'shit, forgot it had even happened' he thought bemusedly...before quickly re-focusing on the job at hand.

switching his com to all frequencies by accident, all the squad was able to hear was how he'd restarted whistling the circus theme slowly, picking up in speed each cycle of shots he went through...
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Turn 47

Post by Jocke » Thu Nov 23, 2006 3:00 am


"Morrison, two people holding this corridor, take the rest and help them. If that thing doesn't go down, we're pulling out."

Eileen followed after Morrison towards the engine room, "Ill find Steel."[/quote]

"On it! Vaughuan! You're with me- swap to your carbine! Bojan!... FNG! You hold here! Watch your backs!" Morrison chimed in the comnet, hearing the sharp whistling of a very familiar tune.

"Guess I'll never see my child grow up." Morrison thought, but quickly shrugged such thoughts out of his head- his brothers where neck deep in crap, and they needed his help. Seeing the mass of creatures, dwarfed by the enormous monster in their midst, made the hair on his neck stand straight up. Then it struck him; the grenades! They would easily penetrate several cm's of steel- they had to deal some damage to this... this monster.

"Grenades! Use the grenades! Supress those bastards! Green! If you don't light 'em up, I will kill you myself!" he yelled over the platoon's channel.

With the rushed calm that hundreds of hours of training brings, he cocked the pumpaction of his grenadelauncher, and aimed at the center of the huge creature, and fired, fed another shell into the chamber, and fired again, praying that the grenades would have some effect.
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Turn 47

Post by AstroBoy » Thu Nov 23, 2006 7:33 am

Bojan!... FNG! You hold here! Watch your backs!" Morrison chimed in the comnet, hearing the sharp whistling of a very familiar tune.
Bojan said to the new guys, "You two keep an eye down that corridor and be ready to fire, I'll keep watch on the tracker. Make sure you don't disregard the floor or the ceiling."

Bojan switched his frequency to Morrison's and said, "We're here if you need, make sure you dont forget."

Bojan proceeded to scan down the corridor for any movement.
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Turn 47

Post by Grambo » Thu Nov 23, 2006 9:28 am

On it! Vaughuan! You're with me- swap to your carbine!"
Dar didn't even bother to respond at this point... he let the sling catch the flame unit as it fell to his left, and he reached back for his carbine. He quickly followed Morrison into the main room. While he was in no way prepared for what he saw, he was past shock at this point... and his fellow marines were in deep. Morrison reacted first, but Dar followed suit quickly.
"Grenades! Use the grenades! Supress those bastards!"
Shifting to Morrison's right, Dar pumped a round into his grenade launcher, and fired a round at the monster that dominated the room. He then shifted aim, and started pumping grenades at anything that wasn't a marine. He saw one marine sprinting past the monstrosity, zigging left, so Dar focused fire on the right side. He saw a prone marine moving to the left... was that something on his face?

"Corporal, check your 9, friendly down but moving..."

Dar knew everyone was too busy to help the down marine, but didn't want him fragged accidentally either.
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Turn 47

Post by Jocke » Thu Nov 23, 2006 11:54 am

Bojan switched his frequency to Morrison's and said, "We're here if you need, make sure you dont forget."[/quote]

"Make sure to keep me posted, Danny." Morrison responded, the drumming of blood in his ears almost drowning out the sound of the radio and the gunfire.

"Corporal, check your 9, friendly down but moving..."

"Spotted! Light them up, devildog!" Morrison replied as he started to fire into the fray of aliens with his pulserifle, but after just one long burst, he was dry.

"Reloading!" Morrison shouted as he knelt down, thumbing the magazine release, sending the empty mag clattering to the floor, before slamming a fresh one into his pulserifle.

(OOC: "Dry"- just a common slang for being out of ammunition.)
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Turn 47

Post by Pale Rider » Thu Nov 23, 2006 12:57 pm

James raced for the nearest small space, and dived into the opening, he felt the floor plating vibrate beneath him, the steady strumming of the engines and then a shattering blow that just barely missed his legs. He had shaved the escape close any closer and he would have become a eunuch. He scrambled back deeper into the recess the opening blacked out by the towering shape. A loud scream of outrage seemed pealed from its lips at his narrow escape. James triggered the pulse rifle not stopping even when he heard the dry click. It was then he realized the scream was not coming from the alien, but rather from him. He quickly thumbed the release and let the dual clips fall to the ground and grabbed one from his hip and slammed it home. Clearing his throat he piped in,"LT, Morrison, I have one mag in and four remaining. If it looks like I am going to bite the bullet I will try to take this thing out with me."
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