Turn 51

The 1st Eightballs campaign
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Turn 51

Post by Nick » Sat Dec 16, 2006 10:45 am

The Marines where rallied up and had to strip down to their underwear. Even Lt. Vincent, who was mildly amused by this, was forced to comply. They had to go through a decontamination bath with a sweet smelling sticky substans being sprayed on them. Afterwards a small sample of skin was scraped of them and a lock of hair was cut. After that they were put in some kind of scanner - Even the heavily wounded Screaming Eagle was put through this process - Despite protests from Priest and Sergeant Steel.

As they were finished they where taken away, one at a time - Still in their underwear.

They where taken into the meshall which had been transformed into a makeshift interrogation room. There they had to report to two Captains of the USCM and two Corporate officers from Weyland-Yutani. The W-Y pressed them all very hard about information about the Alien species:

How did they take damage from standard M41 bullets compared to the M56 smartgun bullets? Was incinerators effective against them. They had a form with checkboxes - It was hard to read the text from the other side.

The interrogations was concluded by the Marines signing a paper about absolute secrecy. They where not allowed to discuss what they had experienced even amongst themselves.

After the interrogations the Weyland-Yutani staff packed their gear while the Marines were left to attend their own business.

The APC had to be cleaned and be readied for the next mission. The dropships had to be emptied of fuel and the ordonance had to be taken out (standard procedure). Two hours later there was no trace of the Weyland-Yutani crews, except for a forgotten piece of paper that had slipped to the floor and half-way under an autochef in the messhall. It was found by Bojan as he cleaned the autochef.

Weyland-Yutani: Bio Weapons Division. Acheronian Species Combat evulation 002.

Setting: Freighter Gargamel converted to simulate Andromeda class, Space Yacht. The upper floors sealed. Lower levels made made with long corridors to resemble most corridor systems on Colonies. Acheronian implanted to fourteen cultists four weeks prior to Marine entry. Actors used to prepare them mentally without discerning what they would meet.

Marines: Standard rifle half-platoon. Two successful missions. See included personell files.

Acheronians: Queen in engine room, fourteen cultists and other criminals dressed in worker gear implanted by Stage 1 Acheronians.

Time: Self destruct sequence initiates once Marines successfully terminates the queen/Retreats/Killed-Captured. Timer set for enough time for the Marines to clear area so they can report.

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Turn 51

Post by pants » Sat Dec 16, 2006 12:28 pm

After the very intimate debriefing the platoon had just suffered followed by the scouring of the Conestoga, Dropships and APC Nick was ready to shoot something if he didn't fall over from exhaustion first. However he had to make sure the platoon was in hand before he could get some well deserved rest.

Having called a meeting in the messhall Nick stood speaking with Lt Vincent as he waited for all the marines to file in.

"Well that was one hell of a mission LT. I don't know whether to be pissed that we lost two good marines to those goddamn monsters or to be happy we got most of the platoon out in one piece. Whatever happened down there the Core really don't want us talking about it. I don't know how I feel about that LT, cause if those things get out into the galaxy we're gonna have a real problem on our hands.

"If those things got to one of our major planets it'd be a blood bath. There is no way any civilian could hold off one of those things with a licensed firearm, hell we had trouble holding them off with all our hardware! We'd probably end up having to nuke the planet to get rid of them. Thats not something I want to see."

Twisting his head Nick noticed that the rest of the platoon had filed in and he turned to face them.

"Ok marines, listen up. I called this meeting to make sure you all understood that those forms you filled out compelled you to keep your mouths shut about what happened on planet. Just this once though we are gonna disregard all that legalese crap and talk about what happened down there. What is said in this room stays in this room and if I hear any of you talking about any of this stuff to anyone again for any reason I will make you wish you were never born!"

Nick paused for a second, his eyes drifting to each marine in turn making sure that what he was saying was sinking in.

"We lost two good marines on planet, Gagarin and Pyro will be missed, but we can't let that get to us. Each of us knows that in our line of work there aren't always second chances and we each have to accept that. Now I wan't each of you to tell me what you thought about the mission, get everything off your chest cause once we finish here, we're never talking about it again. Who's first?"
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Turn 51

Post by Apachetear » Sat Dec 16, 2006 6:02 pm

Looking annoyed at the process they'd just been through, Jacob turned to Nick.

"What is there to say? We lost 2, gained 3. That's not a loss in my books - that's a gain - emotional impact not withstanding. As for what we saw. I don't doubt we'll see it again, odds are we'll be earmarked for xeno-missions from now on because of how 'succesfully' we performed. As for the secrecy thing? That's fucked me off. I have the right to free speach, and who are some weirdos with clipboards and a penchant for lab engineering to take it away from me? Right now..." Jacob took a drag on his cigarette, an item that always seemed to be in his hand since the mission ended "I just want to lie back and rest, not think about any of this until I see another clawed beast rushing me. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it y'know?"

Leaning back, he stared straight ahead, about 2 inches above Nick's head...you could see that behind his eyes cogs were working - though who knew to what ends?
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Turn 51

Post by AstroBoy » Sat Dec 16, 2006 9:20 pm

Bojan looked at the note and just laughed as he handed it to LT Vincent. "Brings a new meaning to SNAFU doesn't it?", said Bojan.

"The way I see this whole business, we signed up to do what they wanted us to do, so we'll do it, and do it well."
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Turn 51

Post by Jagr35 » Sat Dec 16, 2006 10:50 pm

"Sgt, how can we prepare to fight those bugs if we can't discuss tactics?" piped in Shepherd from the front of the meeting. "And after that memo, I'm not sure if thats what those Corps want anyway."
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Turn 51

Post by Jocke » Sun Dec 17, 2006 1:03 am

Morrison listened to what Steel had to say, and to him, it made sense, after he had talked to the WO, the actions of the last few hours all came together nicely.

Getting as paranoid as that stupid oaf Green... Morrison thought, before settling with the uncomfortable thought that paranoia was healthy- if it could be kept in check.

[quote=""Jagr35""]"Sgt, how can we prepare to fight those bugs if we can't discuss tactics?" piped in Shepherd from the front of the meeting. "And after that memo, I'm not sure if thats what those Corps want anyway."[/quote]

"Simple, Sheperd. We don't tell anyone that we talked about it. The basic tactic to deal with these, as I see it, is to deny them the luxury of getting close. I say that maybe we should study our CQB and motiontracker-techniques a bit harder in the future?" Morrison directed his question to the two senior officers in the room.

(OOC: CQB= Close Quarter Battle- but this is just one of a billion different abbreviations meaning "fighting up close, mostly indoors".)
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Turn 51

Post by StConstantine » Sun Dec 17, 2006 12:59 pm

"ok guys" Con said stifling a yawn "can we just go to bed, I have a felling we are going to have a long day tomorrow filled with drill and funerals. I also think the Leutenant and the Seargeant may want to get some sleep since they might have to be the ones explaining to Pyro and Gargain's family what happend"

"seriously, I don't care what happend in this mission, all I care about is that I still have the ability to breathe and still be able to get drunk" as he said this Con took out his flask of grunt juice and took a big swig.

"anyone want some?"
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