Mission 2 Turn 6: Respite

The Second Devil Dawgs Campaign.
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Mission 2 Turn 6: Respite

Post by Corporal Hicks » Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:04 am

Date: June 23, 2189
Location: Surface of Capua, Nembus System, Andromeda Cluster
Mission time: 05:12:30

The overloaded unit straggled their way back into Camp Sierra. They had discovered no more threats in the jungle, only more of the same small miseries they had now faced many times. The bug bites, the wet boots, the torn pant legs and itchy rashes underneath. It seemed a little milder when they considered the bad luck of Corporal Pushkin. The big man’s heart was beating, and that was practically a miracle. It was safe to say that he would be of no more use in their predicament, at best he would be baggage, taking up a bed in the med tent. He would also very likely need a metal implant to replace the portion of his skull that had crumbled off, just above his right eye and temple.

For now, the group focused on unloading their gear. The food was piled in the center of the camp to the subdued applause of the naval personnel who had stayed behind. Lieutenant Nelson joined in the categorization and unloading of the loot. His shirt sleeves were rolled up and he was covered in dried mud. No doubt he had joined his crew in the numerous tasks that morning. “Well done, people. You’ve bought us some time. All of you leave the work to the rest of us, you are dismissed for the next four hours.” The afternoon sun was beating down on the clearing as they spread out to go lay down or whatever they chose to do.

After a couple hours went by, they heard the high-pitched whine of a small engine. They thought it might be a generator in camp, but it grew until it became unmistakable as the engine of an ATV. They came outside and saw a small ATV scooting into camp with two people aboard. The vehicle and the marines were absolutely caked in mud. The marine on the back hopped off and took off her muddy facemask. It was Sergeant Lulu Hoops, barely recognizable under the mud shell. The driver was Private Chip Austin, who a few of them vaguely remembered from the long first day on the planet.

“Where can I find Lieutenant Nelson?” barked Sergeant Hoops at the nearest person, Sergeant Juan Perez. Once directed to him, she gave her report. “Sergeant Major Sykes reports that he has discovered a number of vehicles and is undergoing repair operations. First Platoon has lost communication with Camp Sierra, but he ordered us to return and inform you of their status. He intends to return to camp with all possible vehicles before twelve hundred hours tomorrow. I was told that if you have no word by eighteen hundred hours to assume the worst. First Platoon has located an additional nine survivors from the crash in various states of health and usefulness.” She went on to describe a number of details about the mission and the vehicles located.

“Very good, Sergeant. Looks like you had a rough trip back,” replied Nelson.
“Yes Sir, we started out with two ATVs but the other one got gummed up and sank in the swamp. It will be quite a task to get the rest of those vehicles back here.”
“Well, go get yourself cleaned up. Dismissed.”
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Re: Mission 2 Turn 6: Respite

Post by Quicksilver » Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:17 pm

Giosso collapsed into a heap in the shade of tree-like-plant that to him looked like a well-overgrown fern. Monstrous, like everything else they had run across on this beast of a planet. His eyes started closed before he even had much time to consider how he intended to spend the next four hours. The next four hours - he could hardly remember the last four hours. They had been looking for supplies, there was a creature - a boar-like animal had charged him. It had tossed him aside like a ragdoll. After that was just flashes, vague disconnected memories of orders called out and followed. That was marine training for you - following orders was deeper engrained then thinking. He wondered for just a moment if he'd suffered a concussion, then promptly fell asleep.

He awoke hours later to the sound of an ATV entering camp. He blurrily opened his eyes and watched as the mud-caked vehicle slowed to a stop before Lt. Nelson. He tried to force his mind back into wakefulness.

(Sorry for dropping out for a bit)
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