Interlude: A Bug Hunt

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Re: Chapter 1 A Bug Hunt

Post by Pale Rider » Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:44 pm

Shots were fired driving into and through the metallic looking hide of the first Xenomorph to crawl out of the dark depths of the hole in the floor. It's caustic plasma spraying the walls and tables behind it. Every where the acidic fluid hit man made materials smoke began to spill out filling the air the astringent stench of melting metal and xeno blood. The secreted membranous lining that had been used by the drones as they build the nest that most likely permeated the whole station didn't show the first sign of scaring. The caustic sanguine fluid simply rolled off of it and began to puddle in places that was covered and melt where it wasn't.

A roar filled the oxygen enriched environment, whether it was physically heard or merely a psychic response could be determined later. Beeping of the motion tracker intensified as the remaining targets began to move faster and poured out of the opening like the ants or wasps the Xenomorphs so closely resembled with their habits and behaviors. As quickly as the first one had fallen four sleek black forms sprang from the opening. Taller than any the Marines had ever encountered, they towered a good 2-3 feet more than the marines and a tail tipped with a two foot long acicula easily twice as long as the Warriors were tall whipped frantically in the air behind them. Their hissing filled the air, and as one the aliens slashed out with their tails at the marines.

The far left tail rockets towards Sergeant Wang.
The 2nd from the left speeds towards Staff Sergeant Hall.
The 3rd from the left slashes towards Staff Sergeant Morse.
The one on the far right streaks towards Sergeant Uthred Ragnorson.

Meanwhile three more Xenos are starting to peak through the opening!

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Re: Chapter 1 A Bug Hunt

Post by Corporal Hicks » Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:12 am

"Watch out!" Danny cried as he squeezed the trigger of his flame unit. He sent fire at the third-from-the-left xenomorph and then splashed flame across the paths of the rest to intimidate them. As far as he could remember, the creatures were afraid of fire if nothing else.
(Roll attack/intimidate)
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Re: Chapter 1 A Bug Hunt

Post by Morse » Sat Jul 28, 2018 3:00 pm

The relentless fire into the Xeonomorphs was almost routine to Morse and many of the others at this point. The typical tactics that they were initially trained to utilize against Colonial Insurrectionists were almost a thing of the past, as the concept of taking cover and concealing your position was meaningless against an enemy that did not care about its own casualties, and would smell the very sweat on your forehead as it slammed at you with everything it had. And once it was on top of you, there was no surviving it. Hand to hand and close quarter skills were absolutely meaningless against a biological weapon like the Xenomorphs, so one's only hope was to mulch them before they even got a chance to get close to you.

Morse continued his relentless fire in the darkness that was only illuminated by the few lights that the Marines carried on their shoulders. And while it was enough, Morse saw something hop out he hadn't seen before.

"The fuck!?" Morse muttered out as he saw these much larger creatures crawling towards them. They were not Queens, far too small. But their tails were an insane length, and Morse was not happy to see them charging down the hall towards him.

He sustained fire on them, when he heard Sykes yell out. Morse knew he was carrying something heavier then he was and did not have to be asked twice.

Morse dodged backward behind Danny, and unloaded more rounds from his Pulse Rifle while Danny shot flames down the hall at the onslaught. Even though Xenomorphs were tough, even humanities most basic weaponized fires could overwhelm them.

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Re: Chapter 1 A Bug Hunt

Post by Quicksilver » Sat Jul 28, 2018 7:07 pm

Mark exclaimed a jumbled, incoherent exclamation as he pressed himself back against the wall, not sure if he was happy or horrified that he hadn't even had a chance to detach his computer before the gunfire started. Even now having a few years experience of heavy, sustained weapons fire in tight echoing environments, the nearly deafening reports coming from the Marines firearms rattled around in his head.

Shaking his head lightly in an attempt to clear it, Mark scooped up his security computer and tried to pull up the system access again. The suits had said this place had top-of-the-line security, and that should mean isolation doors. If he could get in and get some of them to close he might just be able to keep the station's entire population of biological horrors from rushing their dropship at once.

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Re: Chapter 1 A Bug Hunt

Post by JuanPerez » Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:23 pm

As dangerous as these creatures were, at least, their offensive stratagem was simple and therefore predictable ..... swarming and rushing in for close-combat. So it was by no means a surprise, that a bunch of four xenos jumped out of the darkness, following up their "point-xeno". Perez's focus was "in the zone", therefore he did not realize, that these creatures were larger than usual. The phrase "being in the zone" was a wording created by his smartgun instructors and described the state of concentration, where the normal outside world did not exist anymore, only targets, valid and invalid ones, and their bearings and killboxes, where valid targets would be neutralized. Back in the days of training, Perez always wondered, if this was just another psychological trick, invented by instructors to motivate their students. Nowadays, he knew better. As much as he hated his instructors back in those days, for creating seemingly impossible training fire missions, he was glad, that they had done their job so well.

If he would not be "in the zone", he may have hesitated a split of a second, wondering about the unknown size of the xenos or got distracted by their tail length. But there was no hesitation. As soon as the creatures jumped out of the darkness, speeding and lunging forward, eager to bury their talons and teeth in human flesh, Perez mind classificated them as "valid targets" and his smartgun tracking system agreed. Quickly forming up a defensive position with Sykes and Morse, he aimed the barrel of the gun towards the most left xeno of the group, aided by the gyro-arm of the M56 combat harness, he switched the fire mode to auto. Killboxes were calculated in the frag of a second and then he pulled the trigger, while sweeping the barrel from left to right, sending deadly bursts of bullets towards the four valid targets.

for every target, which can be acquired, until distance is too close
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Re: Chapter 1 A Bug Hunt

Post by maxvale76 » Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:54 pm

Samantha darted back and to one side, instinctively moving both away from the Xeno and positioning herself so that she'd have the best chance of ensuring that any hits she scored on the Alien caused 'Acid Blood Spray' to splash AWAY from her fellow marines and herself....

She kept the weird, tail-heavy Xeno in her sights and cut loose one, two, then three bursts.....

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