Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

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Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Pale Rider » Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:30 am

Date: Tuesday August 29, 2179, 1510 UTC
Location: Bordino Sector, Hadley’s Hope
Conspiracy Level: 1
Tech Level: 1
Mission Time Index: 3:10:00

Following the disappearance of the Lieutenant the Privates Grayham and Honeysett climbed into the duct work. Their only trail was slime and droplets of blood. 25 meters into the and they came to an intersection. A low hissing sound could be heard and felt as it vibrated down the shaft.
“Be careful Nicole,” said Honeysett, “The last time we heard that sound you got cut on your leg.”
She simply nodded and began inching forward, she slowly leaned forward and looked down the lower shaft. A squeal came from the upper shaft as something black and silver streaked down slamming into the back of her head. It penetrated the helmet like it was paper. The next thing Honeysett saw was the drumming of her feet as her body spasmed violently. A large clawed hand reached down and took her by the shoulders and lifted her into the shaft. Honeysett quickly retreated back down the shaft and dropped into the command office.
The Eights that had gone to investigate the Atmosphere Processing Plant came through the entrance about the same time as Honeysett came screaming down the tunnel concerning the fact that one of the beasts was in the air shafts. The group turned over the sergeant to Priest and they entered the command room. Private Caleija was the first to enter the room and her smartgun began dancing around as she faced two of the creatures, a spiked tail ended her life as it lanced out and split her open from crotch to sternum.
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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Corporal Hicks » Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:38 am

Danny Sykes heard pounding in the vents and saw Honeysett jump out. "What the fuck happened? Where's Nicole?"
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Then he saw the two creatures in the room with him. "Look out!" he shouted, but too late. Private Caleija was eviscerated by the first creature. "You mother fucker!" Danny shouted in rage. He sent a burst of flame straight at it while limping towards the enemies. If anyone else was going to die, it was going to be him, he had decided.
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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Uhtred » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:08 am

Uhtred walks into HQ and sees Private Caleija being stabbed by the creature. It took less than a second for combat training to kick in and Uhtred does not waste time thinking of Caleija's death. It is not that Uhtred is a reactionary by any means. He can be thoughtful and calculating. But the sight of the creature reminds him of what can happens when a man fails to act. It reminds him of what evil can do. The creature needs to be vanquished at any cost.

Uhtred raises his pulse rifle and fires at the first creature before worrying what the second creature is going to do.
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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby - JR - » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:04 pm

Sara's face fell as she witnessed Caleija's ghastly injury. Without a word, she raised her pulse rifle and opened fire on the guilty creature.

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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby maxvale76 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:28 pm

Samantha had no time to react as Honeysett came screaming into the room and then a pair of monsters burst in and took out poor Calieja before anyone knew what was happening.

Sykes opened up with a flamethrower and then the sounds of a Pulse Rifle firing could be heard as well. Calling out at the top of her lungs, Sam bellowed: "EVERYBODY BACK UP AS FAR AWAY FROM DOS TINGS AS YOU CAN!"; as she did just that while snapping up her Pulse Rifle, taking a bead and then firing a burst at one alien creature, taking a bead on the second and cutting loose a burst at that one as well....

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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Apachetear » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:43 pm

Ooh: sorry for delay

Corporal Hicks wrote:Danny Sykes heard pounding in the vents and saw Honeysett jump out. "What the fuck happened? Where's Nicole?"
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What he'd just seen, he knew he'd never unsee. He knew that he would relive the sight of that spasming corpse, the black spike carving into the side of her head, whenever he closed his eyes to sleep.

He opened his mouth, he was going to tell Sykes to burn the air vents. To cook whatever it was up there. He never even made it to the first syllable.

Two more creatures, and a marine eviscerated in front of him. The blood painted him. It barely registered.

Wiping his sleeve across his eyes he felt the scorch of heat, smelled the burning fuel, before opening his eyes to see the jets of flame. Bringing his rifle up he aimed at the first creature. His finger squeezed the trigger and he fired at the alien. The numb calm that ran through him almost scared him more than the anger and fear he'd been expecting.

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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Medic Guy » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:08 am

After entering the room, Clint saw Caleija torn apart like an old rag doll. An image flashed through his head from childhood of a big muscular blond guy ripping his shirt in half so he was wearing boots and a speedo. He got to a near corner putting his back near the two walls and trained his rifle on the door they had just entered. If there were already a few of these things around, there may be more. They had already proven to be good at setting up ambushes and seemed to be able to pop out of unexpected places and holes pretty easily. "I'm thinking that we've overstayed our welcome guys, there's nothing in my medical supplies that's going to put Caleija back together. We need to get airborne and out of here."

He hoped that who ever was in charge now would listen and get them off planet. This place was like a little kids nightmare on steroids. He focused his remaining attention on watching for any new movement with his rifle in a low ready, prepared to snap off rounds at any new sign of enemy contact.

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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Nicole Grayham » Sat Oct 14, 2017 12:24 pm

The last Thing Nicole saw, was the black hole beyond her, ironically no light or hope, just the scream and nothing more.
Hunted and lost, a good ending for a hunter, but too early for such a young life.
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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Dirk Pitt » Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:05 pm

DIrk saw Nichole go down quick. It didn’t take but a second for him to see that the youn woman was beyond help. Cursing himself for walking into a ambush and loading a Marine he got ready for combat. “Contact front.” He said, eaiseing his M41A.
Aiming on the quick he let loose a stream of 10mm rounds at the thing that had dispatched the young pvt.

“Hold the line!” He shouted. “Get ready for mass attack.”
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