Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

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Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Pale Rider » Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:02 am

Date: Tuesday August 29, 2179, 1800 UTC
Location: Bordino Sector, Hadley’s Hope
Conspiracy Level: 1
Tech Level: 1
Mission Time Index: 0:06:00
Things happen fast when you are on a mission and the Marines of the Easy Eights have just found this out the hard way. Priest loaded up Private Nicole Graham and Private Cassiopaja Caleija and took them back to The USS Algonquin. Injuries and psychological issues sending both to their sleep pods until they could find time with the therapists back on earth. Sgt Tora Jonsson was quarantined until they could successfully figure out how to remove the scorpion thing attached to her face. LT. Hayden Knutson was missing. Priest returned from the Algonquin with supplies.
He called the Marines together for Debriefing and as a Briefing.
“Since the CO and the NCO are both currently inactive I am executing the historical precedent of Battlefield Promotions. Corporal Dirk Pitt please step forward.” Priest awaits the man to step to the front of the room. “Corporal Dirk, based upon your field experience and your behavior during combat you are here by promoted to Sergeant.”
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“Corporal Danny Sykes step forward. At this time, you have demonstrated a high level of forethought and leadership. I have been authorized to promote you to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Upon the completion of this mission you must attend a condensed version of OCS.”
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Priest stepped back to the desk after pinning the ranks to Dirk and Sykes. “After this mission there will be further promotions as the rifle teams are reorganized.” He turned to the newly promoted officer. “Lieutenant Sykes this is officially your mission. I am turning things over to you.” He stepped away from the desk and seated himself in one of the chairs organized before it.
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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Apachetear » Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:03 am

He sat back as the announcements were made. He clapped his hands softly and politely as the promotions were handed out.

He felt a bit numb, looking around, people were gone. Not dead at least, but gone. He guessed that all there was to do now was wait for their next posting, their next opportunity to get scarred inside or out, their next opportunity to be killed for someone else's reason.

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath through his nose before exhaling through his mouth.

where next?

He knew it would be a while before he knew the answer to that...
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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Medic Guy » Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:34 pm

Clint looked around thinking to himself that it was a bit odd to just be standing around doing promotions at the moment, and that maybe it was time to leave this place that had already incapacitated a fair portion of the platoon.

"Sir are we ready to ditch this dust ball and get the sergeant back for more advanced medical care with that thing stuck on her face?"

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None of this really felt right, it was like being in a bad dream that you just couldn't wake yourself up and out of. He kept his eyes moving constantly in shadows, recessed areas, vents, and anywhere else that he thought either the big or little bugs could be hiding or pounce from.
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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Dirk Pitt » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:35 pm

Dirk ran his fingers lightly over the new sergeants stripes on his uniform. He honestly hadn't expected to make sergeant. Hell, he didn't expect he would live this long. But that was that. The sarge was down and he was put in her slot. Big boots to fill to say the least he thought as he looked briefly at the cut on his left fore arm. He had gotten it as he was trying to pull Jonnson out of the nest. No time to think about that now though. Turning to Sykes Dirk saluted crisply as he spoke.

"Congratulations Sir. At your service." He said.
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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby maxvale76 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:45 pm

Samantha felt like many of her fellow marines.....confused....

Nonetheless, she clapped at the appropriate time and went to congratulate Dirk and Sykes. "Congratulations Sir"; she said to Danny; "Congratulations Sarge"; she said to Dirk. Afterwards, she looked up after Clint asked his question, very curious to hear the answer....
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Re: Turn 5 Changing of the Guard

Postby Corporal Hicks » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:41 pm

Danny couldn't believe his promotion. He felt uncertainty and exhileration rushing through him. He looked around at his platoon.

"Thank you, Sergeant Pitt," he replied with a sharp salute. Then he turned to his men. Clint McKenna wanted to bug out, and Danny couldn't blame him. If he could admit it to himself, he wanted to bug out too. But he was the leader now.

"We're marines, and we don't leave our people behind. Lieutenant Knutson was taken by those things. We're going back in to get him. I want you all ready in ten minutes. Sergeant, see to it." He tried to look more confident than he felt.
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