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Postby Pale Rider » Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:30 pm

Lieutenant Maria Gruber - Platoon Commander (NPC)
Master Sergeant Yakov Jacobson - 1st Sections Sergeant (NPC)
Pope - Science Officer - Synthetic (NPC)

1st Squad - Break Shots
Cpl. Samantha Hall - Squad Leader
L. Cpl. Mark Giosso - ComTech
L Cpl. Eric Roberts - Smart Gunner
Pvt. Scarlet Burnside - Rifleman (Assistant Smart Gunner)

2nd Squad - Dead Shots
Cpl. Dirk Pitt - Squad Leader
L Cpl. Thomas Colson - Medic
Cpl. Allen Morse - Smart Gunner
Pvt. Clint McKenna - Rifleman (Unit Armorer and Assistant Smart Gunner)

3rd Squad - Trick Shots
Cpl. Jonathan Carson - Squad Leader (NPC)
Pvt. Katherine Anna Bradford - Rifleman/APC Driver
LCPL. Jacob Honeysett - Rifleman
Pvt. Juan Perez - Smartgunner

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