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Date: July 16, 2189
Location: Tartarus Sector

Almost a year had past since the awful experience that was Operation Watch Dog. The Eights had entered into the area full of vim and vigor only to see their ranks seriously diminished due to a virus that had been created by one of Weyland Yutani's Secret Bio-weapons Lab. People had died and some had been saved but, even those saved would never be the same again. Lance Corporal Eric Roberts was a little taller and a little thinner, but that was the least of his worries. He still suffered from nightmares where he had completed his turning and wiped out his entire squad. The Eights were given an extended time away from active missions to recoup and to add strength to their ranks with fresh boots. The group had run through typical scenarios in the battle simulators both individually and as a unit. Lt. Gruber had grown in understand of what it meant to lead the group known as the Easy Eights.

Finally declared as fit and ready for a mission the Eights were being sent to the Tartarus Sector. One of the mobile colonies of Tartarus had gone silent. The concern was that it was the Harvesters, an indigenous life form that is vital to the planets ecosystem.
So the Eights were loaded on the USS Costaguana and shipped from the Gateway system to the Tartarus Sector to find out just what exactly happened to the colony. Was it the Harvesters, a Failed Communication Systems, or something else?

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