Turn 6: Hotter the Fire

The fourth mission
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Re: Turn 6: Hotter the Fire

Post by Morse » Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:49 am

They had made the jump. By some stupid miracle they had survived their insane move to get away. For the moment they were safe. Morse also recalled watching the large bug go face first into the dirt, a confirmed kill as far as he was concerned. But there had been zero time for him to cheer as they went airborne within that moment.

Morse dislodged his arm from the handle he’d slung it through to steady himself as he fired his rockets. But he had not had entirely adequate time to lock himself in, and braced himself on whatever he could. And as they slid and rolled through the cargo bay with a horrible echo and grind of metal he had subconsciously moved his arm up to take hold of something. And as the vehicle came to a halt, he did find something, the cargo netting.

It wrapped tightly around his right arm, and Morse could hear the snap of his own bone, followed by immense pain.

”Fry-rock fuck wagon!” Morse yelled. ”Gah that hurt!” He continued, as he quickly reached up with his left arm to untangle himself. He quickly got onto his feet, his M56 Smartgun and M5 Rocket Launcher falling out of the vehicle with heavy clunks on the metal floor as he did. He quickly tried to get himself undone.

It appeared to be the speed and velocity which screwed him on that, since the tangling was not so horrible taken down. He did not even get a status report on his squad since he needed to be unwrapped very badly in his mind.

The echo in the ships cargo bay carried words easily, and Morse heard Colson say that he needed help with a horrible lisp. Morse didn’t look back, he just answered the point. ”No I don’t.” Morse called back to the medic that came in. ”Help em’ two.” He ordered finally getting himself out.

His arm was broken for sure, from the forearm. ”Ahhhh, fuck.” He groaned. He then got word over the com from their new medic, The Martian. ”Buggy squad accounted for’n fucked up. Grrrrrrrrrr.” Morse continued to groan in reply. ”Shitty ride, but were in. Now get yer ass’s up here.” Morse was more calm now since they were safe.

He was also aware of the fact that the others were stilly on the ground, but he didn’t want to go see out of the back since they were still on a moving transport with the APC likely to come roaring in at them. Instead he went over to Colson and Eyeball.

”Well that coulda gone better.” Morse said looking at Eyeballs back. ”Also coulda been a fuck load worse.” Morse noted looking at Colson. ”Nice drivin’ you limey fuck nut. I gotsa tell ya bout my first combat drive.” Morse finished taking a pain killer out of the K52 Med Kit near by to help deal with his arm.

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Re: Turn 6: Hotter the Fire

Post by Dirk Pitt » Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:30 pm

Watching the hoard of creatures fall one by one as the passed through the smoke Dirk wiped the sweat mixed with blood from his face and out of his eyes. He passed exhausted both mentally and physically. Like the rest of them, Dirk had been pushed well beyond his limits. He had been lucky this time, very lucky and almost caused the death of Sam and Giosso who had stayed behind in the tower with him. Pulling a cigarette from his pocket he dropped his old zippo on the ground before he could light it because his hands were shaking badly. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep, ragged breath. Calm for the moment he picked up the zippo and lit his cigarette.

Turning to the two Sam and Giosso Dirk gave the two a half smile. "Outstanding work you two. Truly outstanding. Thank you." He said simply. Not so much as a Top to his Marines but as a friends. "Now lets get the hell out of this tower and regroup. I don't like that big bitch heading our way."
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"Roberts, report. You make it to the APC?" Dirk asked, hoping that his old friends dash for the APC was successful and he was safe. "If you did, maintain fire on the queen and the unconscious xenos. Lets finish the bastards off."
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"You still alive Morse, you mad bastard. How are your people?" Dirk said, having seen the jump the APC had made.
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"Snakefighter. this is Pitt. Sam, Giosso and I are still in the tower and need evac ASAP. We will be making our way to the roof."
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"Lets move out. We're going to the roof for evac. Strip off their armor and we'll carry them up with us." Dirk said motioning to the two dead Marines.
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Re: Turn 6: Hotter the Fire

Post by Corporal Hicks » Sun Jun 22, 2014 4:04 pm

Dirk Pitt wrote:"Roberts, report. You make it to the APC?" Dirk asked, hoping that his old friends dash for the APC was successful and he was safe. "If you did, maintain fire on the queen and the unconscious xenos. Lets finish the bastards off."
Roberts was glad to hear Dirk's voice. The yellow gas was a godsend. "Copy, Sarge, we made it okay. Keep your guard up, you never know if one a' them got through." That was all he would say for now. He returned his focus to the weapons systems. He targeted the mortars to the center of the horde. He hadn't used the mortars in a real combat situation before, but he had received training for them. Pulling the lever, all six pipes emptied. While they reloaded automatically, he returned to the plasma turret.
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