Turn 2 It Rode a Pale Horse! (Revelation 6:8)

The fourth mission
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Re: Turn 2 It Rode a Pale Horse! (Revelation 6:8)

Post by Morse » Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:14 pm

Morse nodded as he received the orders. He did not have a great deal of trouble with pulling an ordered retreat while they still had the chance. Normally they would wait until the last minute and someone, generally he, would get hurt. Here there was plenty of space, and plenty of firepower to drop whatever was out there.

He was not very concerned about the woman. Not because it was a colonist, but because she was still at a full sprint running their way. There was nothing that they could do to make her run faster. Perhaps giving her the impression there was a more pressing danger would give a little more incentive.

”Roger that.” Morse called back to Dirk. ”Dead Shots!” Morse referred to his squads usual designation. ”Open up!”

< Tag 2nd

Morse still did not have a positive identification on his target, but he could still get solid locks with the technological marvel that was the M56 Smartgun.

He began squeezing the trigger in quick bursts, swiveling the weapon slightly to alter its target zone to help keep the area thoroughly suppressed.

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Re: Turn 2 It Rode a Pale Horse! (Revelation 6:8)

Post by eyeball » Wed Dec 25, 2013 10:29 pm

eyeball had a near white out on his extreme range settings on his motion tracker, at this range the smart gun had better sensors but he linked his findings back to control anyway, good habits are never a bad thing.
”Dead Shots! Open up!”
there were now masses of targets out there all at long range but Eyeball was a pretty good shot, aiming steadily and short 3 round bursts he fired, changed target, fired again,all the time keeping pace with Morse and his smart gun as well as watching his assigned flank, last thing they needed was to be caught unaware by these new creatures.they proceeding slowly with the withdrawal and covering /supression fire back towards the fire base.
as eyeball chewed through his ammo he gave a warning to his squad so they were aware to watch his side as he changed mags. Mag out ,changing!" it onlt took 2-3 seconds but better safe than sorry.

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Re: Turn 2 It Rode a Pale Horse! (Revelation 6:8)

Post by Quicksilver » Fri Dec 27, 2013 5:41 pm

Mark used the steady repetition of a mild curse as cadence as he sprinted back to the communications hub in the center of the base. If Xenos were going to be coming in force, Mark, for one, didn’t trust them to just come from one direction. He wouldn’t be able to see anything himself from the comms room, but at least there he could control the whole autoturret defense grid, alongside the other automated detection and defense systems. Entering the small room, Mark through himself into the chair with enough force to ram his stomach into the desk. He coughed out a surprised oph before shaking it off and logging into the system.

“LT, sir, I’m at comstat.” Mark informed Quinn as he typed furiously at the controls to initialize everything. “You should start getting external video and helm-cam feeds in a moment.”

“Morse,” he continued, “What frequency is your smartgun on? I’m trying to patch it to the bases trackers.”

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Re: Turn 2 It Rode a Pale Horse! (Revelation 6:8)

Post by maxvale76 » Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:56 pm

Sam moved up with Dirk and Morse's squad and took position at Dirk's side. Upon hearing the orders to lay down suppressing fire; Samantha shifted the Pulse Rifle into a comfortable nook in her shoulder and looked down the sights and stroked the trigger a couple of times; each 'pulse' sending half-a-dozen 10mm ETLAP rounds down-range. She aimed a little lower than normal; knowing that when shooting at long range many people shot high.

<Aim for 4 actinos; shoot 2 6 round bursts>

OOC: I know for story purposes it's pretty much whatever sounds good; but just to let folks know; by the rules; each 'burst' (really action spent shooting) is 6 rounds for Pulse Rifles or 12 rounds for a Smart Gun; so if you spend 5 actions shooting for game purposes your magazine is depleted of 30 (or 60 for Smartguns) rounds
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Re: Turn 2 It Rode a Pale Horse! (Revelation 6:8)

Post by Quinn » Tue Dec 31, 2013 6:28 pm

"Quinn, this is Pitt. We have multiple incoming. The civi is on her way but still not under our control. I have ordered the men to fall back to the fire base while giving cover fire, unless you want us top advance. Request fire mission from the APC the autoturrets and the Snakefighter. Also request you link into the motion trackers and coordinate the strike."
<Tag Quinn>

Dirk watched with satisfaction as the two pursuing Xenos bust apart under the withering fire that Lt Quinn was sending through the air. Once again raising his binoculars he scanned the area for movement, even though he knew that if there were two of the creatures there would be a whole lot more.

"If we're going to get answers we have to get that woman inside the perimeter. I'm going to take second and grab her, we're in position."
<Tag Lt Quinn>
"Copy." Quinn responded, leaving it at that. Dirk knew what he was doing, and the plan seemed solid enough. The APC was now moving to it's new position in order to bring it's weaponry to bear. The mortar, although a six shell capacity weapon, took a while to reload. So the miniguns would be best put to work against multiple threats. The plasma cannon was rarely used, as it was designed primarily for knocking out enemy armor.

The APC rocked to a stop, one-hundred feet away from the Marines at an elevated position that Morse had worked up earlier. This way, the vehicle could provide covering fire in case the Marines in the forward positions had to fall back.
“LT, sir, I’m at comstat.” Mark informed Quinn as he typed furiously at the controls to initialize everything. “You should start getting external video and helm-cam feeds in a moment.”
The screens on the command center lit up, letting the Lieutenant take in everything at a glance. The horde that was coming at them was clearly not a trained force, which ruled out Corporate or Rebel involvement. This meant it was either Xenomorphs or Huldra. And if the Xenomorphs used Huldra as hosts, they would be a helluva lot tougher than normal. Which then required a much bigger stick to hit them with.

"Thank you Giosso, coming in clear. Watch sector twelve for false positives. Sierra November One, requesting weapons release on..." Quinn ran some quick mental math on the approximate speed of the foe. "grid two-niner-four. Requesting use of Charlie-Bravo-Uniform One-Hundred, how copy?"

The Snakefighter pilot gave a solid copy and orbited around for the pass. The distance was a kilometer, but it was a fine hair for any pilot to drop ordnance. It wasn't quite danger close, but it was pretty near to that. Since the early two-thousands, not much improvement had gone into the designing of cluster bombs, as there was only so much you could take a certain weapon design. The Snakefighter carried a pair of these weapons, one for anti-personnel and another for runway demolition. How the Corps thought that the Eights would ever have to demolish a runway was beyond Quinn's level of thinking.

"Sergeant, Close Air is incoming. Possible danger close, pull everyone into cover." Quinn snapped into the radio. He didn't expect a response, as Dirk would likely act without confirming the order and save precious seconds.

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