The fourth mission
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Lt. Sixtus Quinn - Platoon Commander
Sgt. Dirk Pitt - Platoon Sergeant
Cpl. Mike O'Brien - Communications
Pope - Synthetic

LCpl. Eric Roberts - Squad Leader
Pfc. Franklin Duncan - Sniper
Pvt. Alex Creed - Rifleman

1st Squad
Cpl. Samantha Hall - Squad Leader
Pvt. Jonathan Louis - Smart Gunner
Pvt. Salazar Boothe - Medic
Pvt. Mark Giosso - Comtech

2nd Squad
Cpl. Allen Morse - Squad Leader/Smart Gunner
Pfc. Paul Williams - Rifleman
Pvt. Thomas Colson - Medic
Pvt. Jack Wilks - Rifleman
6 M-94 Flares, Knife, Hand Welder, Compass, Nylon, Rope, M4A3 PistolM-3 Armor (Ghillie Suit), Entrenching/ Utility Tool, 3 M1000 Flares, 8 M-40 Grenades,Binoculars (High Quality), Short Range Comm, M42A Scope Rifle, and Tomahawk