Turn 7 Topside

The first delta dogs campaign. Terminated.
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Turn 7 Topside

Post by Pale Rider » Tue Apr 24, 2007 10:34 am

As soon the order was said it was carried out, "This is the US Colonial Marines, stand up and show yourself with your hands in in the air now!" Screamed Ronald towards the spot where something stood, then he started to count.. 1.. 2 .. 3..
Suddenly the movement began to accelerate toward Ronald, the grass swaying in its pathway, never once did it seem to detour only making a beeline directly for the marine. At the edge of the clearing it burst forth scrambling rapidly toward the marine, legs flying rapidly across the ground as it crawled toward him, tail raised over its body as if poised to attack. Like a bad acid trip, Green has flash backs to the mission on board the Andromeda, images of slime covered egg like structures opening their rubbery lips to sprout forth the abomination that was scuttling toward him.
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Turn 7 Topside

Post by HeavyGlenn » Tue Apr 24, 2007 6:19 pm

Whimpering like a five year old girl he poured out bullets on the things, he thought he was about to faint but this damn time he would focus, he would kill the damn bug and slam its own head up its tight anus if it had one, he shot, aiming as good he could on it, there wouldnt be any damnful friggin alienscum coming closer to him!
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Turn 7 Topside

Post by bull30548 » Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:59 am

"Well it looks dead here boss so we will come on back."

"Wrath put the extinguishers away and get strapped back in and ready the weapons systems. We are heading back to back the bosses up."

Putting action to words action Wrench tosses Wrath the extinguisher. Then moving up he sits down in the seat and fires up the engines on the APC revving the engine as he manipulates the controls. Putting the APC into a hard turn he guns it straight for the others. While Jones was thrilled with the promotion this is where he was most at home. Right here behind the controls of a powerful machine. Keeping one eye on the readouts and the other on the road. Wrench weaves where he sees appropriate but keeps on course.

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