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Re: M3T1

Post by Quinn » Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:41 pm

Sergeant wrote:
Dugan wrote:
Simovic nearly choked on his coffee when he heard Sgt. Kurosaki's extreme idea.

"No, there's definately going to be no incinerations and Stormhurst is right it would be a war crime! These are still human beings we're dealing we have to play things by the book. So if we do capture them alive we're have to tranquilise them. Maybe even try and pump morphine straight into their stomach and get the creature, hopefully it'll then give us enough time to get them to a medical facility".

[O.O.C if you want to carry mutiple primary weapons be aware that it can remove combat actions from you if you become overloaded. If your thinking of doing this let me know by PM and i'll work out if your'll be over encumbered].
Kurosaki was a bit shocked at Simovic's reaction. Sure it would be a war crime, but...

"Desperate times call for desperate measures." Kurosaki began, looking at the floor. "The number one rule about containing a pandemic, virus or infection is containment. If we just kill them, then poof! Problem solved. Plus, you could always say it was an 'accident'"

War crimes or no War Crimes, it didn't matter about one man's career. If you had a choice between destroying one man's career or killing millions, maybe billions, which would you choose?
"Sergeant, the ends can never justify the means. We owe it to people to see if we can treat them, or learn more about our enemy to see if we can kill them. The nukes in World War Two ended the war, but at what cost?" Quinn tossed the analogy at Kurosaki. "We can't kill civilians in cold blood."

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Re: M3T1

Post by Chris Shepard » Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:55 pm

Chris left briefly after exchanging his "hellos" with everyone to change out of his Alphas. He returned wearing his BDU pants, combat boots, and a worn out olive drab skivvy shirt. On the back of the shirt read "1/8...THE WALKING DEAD" in scarlet gold lettering above a crudely drawn picture of the grim reaper.

He looked over the FRAG Order and any other intel that may have come with it. Hmm...a New York sewer system? Shepard scratched his chin, running his finger over the schematics. There's gonna be some serious close quarters shit... and we all know the statistics on CQB. There are gonna be some Marines going home in body bags.

No matter how miserable or cocky Chris came off as, losing a Marine is one thing that he would try to prevent with all of his power, female or not. He would never do a bullshit mission because some Staff NCO or Officer wants a Navy Cross. He would never follow an order that would carelessly endanger his life or the life of his Marines. That's why he was thrown in the brig. To Chris Shepard, the lives of his fellow Marines come before the dog and pony act they call "discipline".
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Re: M3T1

Post by tpc » Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:20 pm

Monks walked up to erik with a slight frown and said " I have no special weapons training at all" he replied. "Sorry for the absence I was just looking over the new platoon set up" Monks said.
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Re: M3T1

Post by Jean » Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:19 am

maxvale76 wrote: Smiling back at Jean, Sam says; "Well, you're certainly the nicest 'piece of equipment' I've ever met! I'd be honored to call you my friend", she says with genuine warmth in her voice.

"To tell you the truth, I've SEEN other synthectics before; but only from a distance. You're the first I've ever met and spoken to. I grew up in the Antillies Archipelago on the New Kingston Colony*. Not a whole lot of need for Synthetics out there."
Jean smiled at her and nodded. She also overheard Kurosaki talking about killing millions and claiming it as an accident. She was about to respond to that, also, but then they would know that her hearing was amped up. If it came down to the decision making, she would promptly note to Kurosaki that she would report accurate accounts of what their unit was up to if they were to have any -- accidents.

Jean ignored that as if she never heard it. There were other conversations goin on in the room that she picked up on; a lot of them were about relationships of a sort, others about combat tactics, what to do in their situation and so on. She was processing them all at the same time while talking with Samantha, a very nice young Marine that seemed to have ethics that towered over others' within the group.

"Maybe you could show me this place when we get on leave. The only place besides this ship that I've ever seen was Earth. I've never been to the surface of a planet that wasn't inclosed by some building. And this time, it's going to be a sewer system so still no luck on a good view." Jean said.

"Perhaps we shall stick close together during the mission, it would be an honor to protect such a nice person. I have no use for my gun in a sewer system so think of me as extra ammunition while we're down there. I might have to be with the Lieutenant from time to time but I'll be offering logistics, and driving for the team. We'll have to see how it pans out on whether we spend time together during the mission. It's very nice to meet you." Jean even did a slight bow.

She looked over to the other men; they were still talking about worst case outlooks. This bothered her. The thought of being part of a team that just might take part in killing millions of innocent people, bothered her greatly. It was in her programming to worry when conversations such as what she had overheard while talking to Sam, were going on.

She decided to stay on Sam's heels for now. She had just made a friend.
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Re: M3T1

Post by Raider65 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:57 am

"Hey Monks, Man you got to stick around, you're like a damn shadow, you are, just popping up now and then. Hey, are you a Ninja? The M56 falls under the Machinegun skill, not spec wpns. Anyways no worries, Morse gots our fire team a new fangled weapon in place of the M56. Who's the other person in our team, I think he's new?"

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