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Re: M3T10

Post by Caparzo » Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:21 am

Obi's Post:
The scotch wound its way down Obi’ throat and caused a warm glow in his belly.  Sighing a very satisfied sigh, he held the glass up to the light.  Hmmm, not a bad drop at all. Obi thought.  Reaching over he dragged another chair in front of him and placed his boots up on it.  Leaning back he gave a very satisfying stretch before taking another sip of the fiery liquid.    Just what the good Doctor ordered, Obi me lad.
Dirk picked his Guinness and took a large drink of the black beer. Feeling a bit better he saw a couple of people from the platoon. He walked over to their table.

"Sixtus, Obi, Sam. You mind if I join you?" Dirk asked

“Sure thing mate, pull up a chair.â€
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