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Re: M2T20

Post by Ranger2011 » Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:37 pm

"No....No no, there's no way." Morse said denying that it was even possible in his mind. He took a heavy slug off of the flask, and the scent of his "homebrew" started to fester in the air. After gulping it down and a heavy blink "I done seen fuckin grasshoppers that looked like those things from what seen a the fuckers. I cut off the damn things fingers... i done run an analysis. There aint no way a buncha Hell hoppin Katydids had the capacity to figure out how to get on a damn boat." Morse finished.
Jesus. Man I sincerely hope that you're theory with grasshoppers are right because if even one of those fuckers got on, we're in for some shit.

"Assuming the bugs didn't get off. Given their tendency to use small, confined spaces and their almost innate ability to find them, they might have escaped into the New York station. My guess would be either the air ducts or the fuel lines." Sixtus said grimly. He stood up.
Sarge, if you're right, which you probably are, we need to get moving and fast. Else we're fucked, and Earth, is fucked.

(OOC Sorry for lack of posting. Almost got deployed, whole unit was on ready for leave at moment's notice. I should be good now.)
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Re: M2T20

Post by Raider65 » Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:31 am

PFC Stormhurst went to follow his Cpl's orders. He went to find the Armory and load up. He went to get a M41A PR and a flamer. From his experience, these where the best choices to deal with these creatures.
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Re: M2T20

Post by Morse » Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:14 am

Morse turned to look at "4th Support", the de facto name for his squad. He still had quite a mind for the system and pace at which things moved. In addition to that, his denial of the fact caught up with him. Shaking his head he addressed Dirk, his squad, and the others.

"Now lets just hold up here fer a second. The entire trip was recorded by our shoulder cams. That was likely already searched through or is soon to be searched through. At any rate, we don't know what the company told High Command. It aint likely they're gonna take any chances with the chiggers from abyss, and we aint been called up yet. That means aint nothin bad's happened yet, or atleast nothin that done concerns us." Morse spoke as plain as he could so the others could understand him, but his words were still almost a different language for some of them. He took another swig off his flask. "I figure we're gettin a bit ahead of ourselves right now, we just got outa that elevator shaft to the shit and were all as anger as a rabid armadilla."

Morse then just moved back to return to his seat. Their psych evaluation and debriefing still wasn't over, but Morse didn't want to get a memory wipe because the entire platoon seemed to have gone insane.
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Re: M2T20

Post by Dirk Pitt » Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:43 pm

Dirk looked over at Morse for a moment while he spoke. Then finioshing his cigaret he used it to light the next.

"I get what you're talking about Morse, and you're right. We havent been called up as of yet. We don't know if anything has even happened as of yet. Look, I want some R&R as much as the next guy, but I want to be ready and I want all of you ready too. So unless we are told to stand down, my orders stand. After this is over we are going to prep our weapons. Everything gets cleaned and oiled. After that we wait. With any luck nothing is going to happen and the first rounds on me. If not we're ready. Dirk said.

Dirk sat down and smoked his cigaret and waited for the debrief to restart.
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Re: M2T20

Post by Dugan » Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:07 pm

Simovic stalked through the corridors on the look out for the Captain, if what Morse had read on that press report was true they were already screwed. The chances of containing anything like those creatures was hard enough given a fully armed platoon of Marines, against the general public and they'd be zero chance. As he tried to locate the Captain he passed his office and noticed Hoffman standing coyly outside.

"Hoffman I heard you'd been transfered back in to the platoon, I take it you heard of the mess at Anubis station, we lost 4 good Marines? So an experienced Marine like you is a god send at the moment. Anyhow what can I do for you?".

Simovic extended his hand to shake Hoffman's.

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